Earth building : easy, quick, cheap, solid

Earth building has been used over the world in post-war or post natural disaster situations.

It is a cheap, easy and fast way to build solid houses.

Une Fabrique de Communs – a factory for commons – has been working on this matter – theory and practice – since its most ancient roots.

A model of wood structure + straw bale + clay house has been developed.

In 2022, it is available in French with many pictures and diagrams.

Within WikiPedia there are between 100 and 200 pages of interesting information about various types of building.
In Ukrainian, only 15 pages are available.

We shall work for the creation and improvement of free knowledge on earth building in Ukrainian.

English articlenb/pUkrainian articlenb/pRussian articlenb/p
Earth structure20??
Rammed earth8Землебит2Землебитные строения2
Cob building 6Коб3?
Compressed earth block4Стиснутий земляний блок3?
Earthbag construction8??
Earth shelter19?Подземная архитектура3
Natural building7??
Design Build Bluff3??
Tecla house4??
Cast earth2??
Earthen floor2??
Earthen plaster4??
Hydraform International7??
Wattle and daub5??
Articles about earth building in En & Uk WikiPedia number of pages

Rammed earth buildings and structures list

Source Image : WikiMedia

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